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Investment Options

CASH LOAN:      14% annualized interest

                         First year interest paid upfront

                         Monthly interest paid after 1st year


REG LOAN:         10% annualized interest

                          First year interest paid upfront

                          Interest paid annually after1st year

                          Eligible: Cash, RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, RESP,


MAXIMIZER:         Cash loan + TFSA loan of equal value

                          Cash loan 5%interest/TFSA loan19% interest                         

                          Frist year interest paid upfront

                          Cash: monthly interest payments after1st year                                TFSA: annual interest payments after1st year                                  Eligible: Cash and TFSA only

ALL funds required to be in position no later than16-November-2020.

**All loan terms are anticipated to be 2 years**


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